Literary Mash-Ups

First up – Our good friend Nathan Bransford is holding his 2nd Annual (I just made it annual) “Be An Agent for a Day”, or as I’ll call it “Be An Agent for a Day II: Electric Bugaloo.” So, you should all go check that out and participate!

Speaking of authors and agents blending together and blurring lines… this brings me to my question of the day. What two works of literature would you love to see combined to form a one awesome super novel? 
We all know about Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and Jane Slayre, but, to me, those are more Puff Daddy-style remixes, using samples of the real work with the heavy beats of vampires and zombies thrown in the mix.
I’m talking about a full, Glee-style mash-up. Maybe a “Out Stealing All the Pretty Horses” by Per Petterson and Cormac McCarthy? Or “Romeo and Juliet, Naked” by William Shakespeare and Nick Hornby? I’m not entirely sure how either plot combination would work yet, but so far I like the possibilities for cool titles.

But you tell me – what title combo or plot combo do you want to see happen?