Commander in Chief

I don’t know about you all, but I am very, very tired of hearing about who the GOP will nominate in 2012. Speculation about speculation is exhausting, and it doesn’t get any more tiresome than Donald Trump. No matter what your political affiliation, let’s all agree that the country probably does not need someone with the catchphrase “You’re fired” to bring them out of a recession.

Anyway, while Obama begins his re-election campaign and the other side tries desperately to get their shit together, let’s go into the weekend thinking about a much more pleasant presidential election – a fictional one.

Which literary character would you most like to see run for president? And remember because it’s fictional, your choices don’t need to be limited to pesky rules like age limits and U.S. citizenship.

My dream ticket would be Hermione Granger and Tracy Flick. If there are any two people who can lead the free world, it’s them. And I’d be happy to sit back and, for once, not worry about what the people in Washington are doing to me. The hardest part would be choosing the top of the ticket, but I guess I’ll go with Hermione since she can keep cooler under pressure.

Honorable mention: Atticus Finch. Not only is a natural leader, but he’d make us all better human beings. Plus, he’s pro-civil rights, from the deep south, has a background in law, and (if you think of him as Gregory Peck) has a simultaneously dreamy and commanding presence. Kind of hard to beat.

What say you, readers (American and non-American alike!)?

25 thoughts on “Commander in Chief

  1. I would say Peter Wiggin as Pres. (Bittersweet totally read my mind with the Ender/Peter thing). He's ambitious and smart and not afraid to take action. And deep down he's a good person. And for VP, Ellen Foster from the book of the same name. That is one spunky girl. She collected her own welfare checks and bought her own Christmas presents, then found herself a new family, and then a new new family … all at the age of 8-ish.
    Hermione is a great choice as well! And now that I'm on the Wiggin trail, I like the idea of Valentine … so many good choices.
    Found you from Nathan's blog. Great topic–I'm going to keep reading. 🙂


  2. I'm really torn here because instinctual I want to say Ender Wiggin for president, but I don't think he'd want the job, whereas Peter Wiggin does and would then proceed to unite the world under him. So I'm going to go with a Peter/Peter ticket.

    Peter Pevensie as President (because he's awesome and trustworthy and a good ruler) and then Peter Wiggin as VP (because he's got the shrewdness to do the behind the scenes stuff that Peter P. might not be able to handle).


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