Parental Units in Fiction

Question of the day –

Assuming you’ve encountered a book where the main character’s parents actually remained alive, whose parents would you most like to have had growing up?

Note: aunts and uncles raising the main character as their own do not count.

I want to say the Weasleys, but I think I’d grow impatient with Molly and her overbearing ways. I’d also want Atticus Finch as my dad, but again… I’m without a mother. What gives, fiction? Why are your moms unacceptable to me? Can I borrow Joyce Summers even though she’s not literary? Mother Goose, perhaps? Sigh.

What say you, friends?

22 thoughts on “Parental Units in Fiction

  1. Atticus Finch as a father; mother would be the one from the book called The Lover by Marguerite Duras (extensively described and referred to as “my mother” without giving her name). A very eclectic woman. My only fear is that they would end up divorcing and, well, nullify the point of this discussion.


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