New Rule

Why is it that “Anonymous” comments are always the ones who completely miss the point of blog posts? I like to think of Glass Cases as a friendly place. I know my post yesterday was more political than usual, and I thought everyone’s comments were smart and clever and stayed on point. If you disagree with me, that’s fine as long as you stay respectful about it.

But then there’s always someone who has to ruin the fun, which brings me to my New Rule. Please do not use my – or anyone else’s – blog as a means to air your own grievances. If your “comment” becomes the length of a post itself, you will get deleted because clearly it is no longer a comment. Please get your own blog and keep your manifestos there. And please stop being “Anonymous!” There is no point to that other than acting as a warning (9 times out of 10) that your comment will be one I’ll need to remove.

Keep this is a happy place. 99.9% of you are amazing and wonderful, and I truly appreciate everyone who supports this blog, leaves comments, and starts conversations in a respectful, intelligent manner. You’re the best!

7 thoughts on “New Rule

  1. Well said. Drama should stay in the books. I'm sorry if my last post got to long. I am new to the rules of your blog and the question inspired me.

    I'll keep my comments short.

    Draven Ames


  2. If you go into settings on your blog, then to the comments tab, you can choose to only have registered users comment. I had to take that option myself.

    I agree if someone has something to say at the very least sign your name and own your words. People tend to hide behind the Anonymous tag. As for yesterdays post, I agree with everything you said wholeheartedly. (Hugs)Indigo


  3. I think there's a way to make anonymous posts not an option, so that people have to log in in order to post a comment. Don't know if you already did that or not, but just in case.


  4. I loved yesterday's post! I didn't have time to comment (and I missed the anon. troll comment) but I wanted to say how insightful the post was.

    Did you know Wavy Gravy (of the Hog Farm/Woodstock fame) predicted the 90s would be just like the 60s only upside down? Silly joke–but also profoundly true. Prosperity brings hope and equality and rational thought. Financial turmoil brings fear, superstition and…Sarah Palin.


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