Some Fun Stuff

It’s Friday. It’s summer. Here’s some fun stuff!

Friend-o’-blog, josheverettryan brought this site to my attention: I Write Like. It’s highly addicting and very fun, but I warn you NOT to take their word as bond. They told me my blog posts are in the style of Edgar Allen Poe. I’ve been told I have a dark sense of humor, but there are usually no beatings of hideous hearts on the blog. Usually.

Flavorpill judged us based on our favorite websites this week – here – and I have to say, their assessments of some of my faves, Jezebel, HuffPo, and Twitter are pretty accurate. (What’s TweetDeck???)

This is by no means something that just came up this week, but if you are not reading Slush Pile Hell, you are missing out on an hilarious education. And yes, these queries are real. I’ve even gotten some of them.

Speaking of the slush pile, The Awl offered a brief history of that term we’ve all come to know and hate.

And finally, to start your weekend off awesomely, please enjoy the funniest thing ever – an audio query to Janet Reid, from Batman – I’m Batman.

Have a good weekend everyone!

12 thoughts on “Some Fun Stuff

  1. After entering the first page of one of my short stories into the “I Write Like” site and getting Stephenie Meyer, I entered the entire short story into the site and got David Foster Wallace. Yaaaay!


  2. Thanks so much for all the links. I tried “I Write Like This” a few minutes ago. You’re right – it’s both addicting and fun. Based on first pages, I supposedly write like Chuck Palahniuk in my latest adult novel, like Edgar Allan Poe in one of my middle grade novels, and…yikes…like Stephenie Meyer in one of my short stories. Neil Gaiman commented on “I Write Like This” on Twitter – apparently he writes like someone other than Neil Gaiman.

    I love the Batman audio query. That is hilarious! I agree with Josh – it’s definitely the gruff voice that sells it!

    The favorite website list is funny. My favorites are Huffington Post,, and BoingBoing – all of which I follow on Twitter.

    Have a great weekend!


  3. Yay, I'm a friend of the blog! 🙂 Thanks so much for the link, Sarah!

    I started following Slush Pile Hell when you linked it on your Twitter, but even though I've been following agent blogs for a couple of years, it's still hard to believe some of things people say and do in queries. But at least it's almost always interesting to see.

    It's nice to see, though, that Batman is just like the rest of us. You know, sitting in Starbucks in his Batman costume, but with a blue sweater pulled over that because hey, it can get cold outside, anxiously looking around to make sure people know he's writing the next great fiction novel memoir. It's lucky for him, though. I know people ALWAYS pay attention to me when I go to Starbucks in MY Batman costume to write.


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