More Than Just Whiskey & Luck

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, everyone! I know Wednesday is usually Story Time here, but I thought since it’s the day of the Irish, I’d leave today open to talk about our favorite Irish writers. (Story Time will be moved to Friday!)
My favorite Irish writer is Roddy Doyle, who is probably most famous for writing The Commitments, which was turned into an equally awesome movie. But Roddy became one of my faves after I read A Star Called Henry, followed almost immediately by The Woman Who Walked Into Doors and Paddy Clarke, Ha Ha Ha. His writing is as beautiful, sad, and funny as his characters. Also, his name is very fun to say out loud.
Two other contemporary Irish novels worth checking out are Eureka Street by Robert McLiam Wilson and The Third Policeman by Flann O’Brien. Both are dark and funny, but in different ways. Eureka Street is a more satirical look at the religious and political conflicts that still exist in Ireland. The Third Policeman, however, is a bit more trippy as it takes you on a cyclical walk through what is basically Hell, but in Ireland. Also, if you’re a Lost fan, you may remember seeing O’Brien’s book on Desmond’s nightstand. Not a coincidence! I suspect that Lost was heavily, heavily influenced by O’Brien mind-bending and oftentimes frustrating tale.
So before you go off to listen to U2, perfect your Michael Flatley jig, and then cry into your pint of Guinness after reading The Dead, tell me who your favorite Irish writers are. Then I’ll let you go enjoy happy hour 🙂

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