Happy Anniversary, Me!

Little known fact: this week marked the one year anniversary of Glass Cases publications.Such an innocent time, back then. Hard to believe we once lived in a Snooki-free world.

First and foremost, THANK YOU for keeping this blog alive and for supporting me and for being all around amazing!!!

As you might be able to piece together, this blog started when I was a wee assistant, not really sure if I’d make it in this crazy, mixed up world of publishing (OK that’s only half true). But, as my position with Curtis Brown changed, the blog did become a little more industry-related, but only in terms of writerly education; I still leave the business side of things to be explained by those who are far superior at it than I.

Anyway, this post today is just my chance to look back at the blog that I still can’t believe people read, and to express my thanks to all of you, particularly those who have contributed stories.

Thanks again for everything, readers! Have a great weekend.

Location, Location, Location

While I’m sitting in my favorite cafe in my lovely neighborhood of Astoria, I’m thinking about the importance of place in the writing process. As much of a writing & literature enthusiast as I am, I am also a cafe enthusiast. Being able to find a place where I feel comfortable enough to stay for hours on end without feeling judged or ridiculed by the owners is important to me. Plus, I’m becoming enough of a regular here that I get the “Hey!” greeting when I come in. Sense of family in unexpected places isn’t so much important to me as it is just fun, but I enjoy it all the same.

For whatever reason, when I am in my apartment I cannot concentrate. It’s not the actual apartment either. It’s been this way in every place I’ve lived. There’s Internet and TV and free food in my apartment! How can writing compete with all that? (Note: I can’t read in my apartment either, at least not what I’m “supposed to be” reading.) That’s why seeking a comfortable place outside the home matters so much to me in my professional life.

Where do you all go to do your best work? Do you have a separate office in your apartment (that I am jealous of)? Is Starbucks your best friend? Or do you sit under a tree in a park to wait for inspiration?

Further, just how important is location to you as writers anyway?

Have a good weekend, everyone! And as you think about your favorite writing spot, I leave with you this AMAZING BLOG that I can’t believe I’ve only just discovered: The Daily Corgi (and no, I do not have a corgi, but as many of you have figured out from reading this blog, I desperately want one!)

Missing Out

Friends, I have a few confessions to make, and I hope you all can still respect me afterward. (Deep breath…)

I have never read anything by a Bronte. 
I have not read Grapes of Wrath or Brave New World
I have not read The Lord of the Rings trilogy or The Hobbit
I have yet to read The Hunger Games, Eat, Pray, Love, or anything by Zadie Smith. 
I probably won’t read many other popular titles that came out in the past ten years. 
I definitely won’t read an even larger number of classics.
OK. I feel better now. But only slightly.
I’ve read a LOT of books, but there will always be those certain titles that the collective “they” insist you have to read. I’m part of “they” when people tell me they’ve never read The Catcher in the Rye or 1984. I mean, how could you not have read those??? Right?
With so many works of literature out there, past and present, it would be impossible to attempt to read all of the good ones, let alone great. Which titles are you guilty of not reading? Or are you not guilty about it at all?


Leave your comments and then enjoy these two completely unrelated items to start your weekend off right:
1) The best PSA I’ve ever seen in my entire life – it teaches valuable life lessons, the most important being Read a Book! Disclaimer for those who might watch at work or in front of the kids: Contains Adult Language!
2) Corgis + a peaceful night’s sleep = the best things in life, so I leave you with this combination of the two (!!!) And now your lives are complete 🙂