News, Stats, and Hello Again

Oh, hello. Didn’t see ya there.

As some of you may have noticed (and if you didn’t, that’s fine too), I’ve taken a bit of a break from the blog. I even changed the nature of this blog, which began as a place to share unpublished work, because I could not longer read submissions and still be an effective agent.

My hiatus from the blog came as a result from (purposely) overworking myself last year, which I don’t regret, but it made for a very tired beginning to 2013. Then around April I made the very huge decision to leave Curtis Brown, Ltd., where I’d been working in foreign rights for five years and building a list of my own for over two. I saw myself at a smaller agency in the long run, and I felt as if I was in a place where “the long run” could start now. At the end of May, I officially became an agent with the Bradford Literary Agency, where I get to work with the fabulous Laura Bradford and Natalie Lakosil. I am, of course, very excited to begin the next step in my career with these ladies!

So, that’s where I’ve been.

Part of my transition period included closing to queries, which made me a little sad. I know writers think agents hate them, but my query folder is where I’ve found most of my clients. I have a soft spot for the slush pile for that reason alone. Sure, there are always ones that miss the mark, but the good queries usually outweigh the bad. I grew to miss the “finger-crossing moment” I’d get when I dove into my slush pile. So, as of June 10, I opened back up to them (see sidebar for “Want to Query Me?”).

But speaking of queries, I closed to them in mid-April, so I thought I’d share my January – April 12 stats with you here. It won’t be as comprehensive of a breakdown as last year’s stats, but it’s a quick overview of what went on in my slush pile in early 2013.

Total number of unsolicited queries received from January – April: 1,182

(Note: “Unsolicited” does not include referrals, conference/contest requests, or revisions I had asked for previously.)

Total number of manuscripts requested out of the 1,182 queries: 17

Total offers of representation out of the 17 manuscripts requested: 0

Since January 2013, I signed 1 new client, a YA author who I met through a blog contest.

But don’t be discouraged, querying writers! The year is only halfway through and I just re-opened to queries. I’m at a new agency and am actively growing my list. You can click the Bradford Literary website link above to find out what I’m looking for and how to send it. (Please do this before querying!)

So, all of this is to say hello again. I’m beginning the second half of 2013 feeling shiny and new, and I hope to blog more regularly now that life has become more stable. And, of course, I hope to read your lovely queries soon too.